GND Pledge

Voters across the nation are overwhelmingly in favor of the Green New Deal and bold climate action. 

We are all well aware of the impacts that the climate crisis is having on our communities. Already, ever more powerful droughts, floods, storms, fires and other extreme weather events have destroyed our communities, swept away our homes, and taken our loved ones.

The people know that we need bold climate action now. In a poll conducted by Data for Progress and the Sunrise Movement, 60% of voters support the Green New Deal. 

Young people in particular support the policy pillars of the Green New Deal. From building new sustainable affordable housing to creating free public transit, Green New Deal policies are supported by over 70% of youth in this country. 

Despite wide-spread popular support and a majority of voters (57%) stating they would support their Representative if they endorsed the Green New Deal, support for this transformative legislation hasn’t broken more than 20% support in Congress (Data for Progress/Sunrise 2022).

This project is a new effort to catch Congress up to the public enthusiasm for a Green New Deal. By organizing Congress to support the strongest legislation and electing more Green New Deal champions, we will get the resources we need and we will win.

Additional Green New Deal Polling Info