GND Pledge

Winning a Green New Deal requires restructuring our society and economy to shift the balance of power towards the majority of people closest to the climate crisis, and away from corporate elites who have driven politics for their own advancement, at the expense of everyone else. 

In addition to passing the community-centered, anti-racist legislation included in the pledge to end the extractive economy and decarbonize at the scale, scope, and speed necessary to avert the worst of the climate crisis and save millions of lives, we must also work to pass complementary legislation to move Congress towards the long-time demands of frontline communities and ensure these changes are lasting and durable. This legislation includes: 

  • Sweeping democracy reform through the For the People Act
  • Expansive labor law reform through the PRO Act
  • Guaranteeing everyone the right to a good, union job according to the Resolution for a Federal Job Guarantee
  • Protecting Indigenous sovereignty through the RESPECT Act
  • Ensuring everyone access to free, universal health care through the Medicare for All Act 

The Green New Deal is a comprehensive agenda to stop the climate crisis and advance racial and economic justice, and it is far from being complete. This project seeks to hold politicians accountable to their statements about climate justice – the least they can do to demonstrate their commitment is sign onto some of the strongest climate and environmental justice bills that have been introduced thus far. 

Beyond the legislation included in the pledge and the structural reforms listed above, the following list seeks to outline additional pieces of legislation that would move us towards our vision of the Green New Deal. This list is neither exhaustive nor static, but does serve as a testament to the progress of the movement for a Green New Deal in building towards a more just, equitable, and liveable future for all. 

Members of Congress who are committed to using their office and power to advance the Green New Deal should co-sponsor the legislation included in this list, which aligns with the vision and ambition of the Green New Deal.