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GND Pledge

Green New Deal Pledge:
For Congressional Candidates

I pledge to use my office to advance the most progressive climate policy available in the U.S. Congress and proactively and publicly push for its swift passage. By signing this pledge, I commit to:

  • Within 6 months of my swearing-in, co-sponsor the following bills that represent some of the strongest pieces of climate and environmental justice legislation in line with the Green New Deal to date*
  • Organize my colleagues and use my committee, caucus, and/or leadership positions to advance the Green New Deal
  • Publicly advocate for the necessity of the Green New Deal
  • Contribute and champion new pieces of legislation that fulfill the vision and ambition of the Green New Deal
  • Reject contributions over $200 from oil, gas, and coal industry executives, lobbyists, or PACs**

*Currently Required Green New Deal Bills:

  • Green New Deal Resolution (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / Ed Markey)
  • Green New Deal for Cities (Cori Bush)
  • Green New Deal for Public Schools (Jamaal Bowman)
  • Green New Deal for Public Housing (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / Bernie Sanders)
  • BUILD GREEN Infrastructure and Jobs Act (Andy Levin / Elizabeth Warren)
  • Farm System Reform Act (Ro Khanna / Cory Booker)
  • Civilian Climate Corps for Jobs and Justice Act (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez / Ed Markey)
  • Environmental Justice for All Act (Raul Grijalva / Tammy Duckworth)
  • End Polluter Welfare Act (Ilhan Omar / Bernie Sanders)
  • Keep it in the Ground Act (Jared Huffman / Jeff Merkley)

This list is not exhaustive and does not represent every piece of legislation that would comprise the Green New Deal. This list is subject to change as new bills are introduced that would make strides towards the Green New Deal.

In addition to co-sponsoring all of the bills above in accordance with this pledge, members of Congress who are committed to using their office and power to advance the Green New Deal should also co-sponsor supplemental legislation that aligns with the vision and ambition of the Green New Deal. A list of such bills can be found here

**This is the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, a partner effort to end the dirty fossil fuel money corrupting our political system and blocking bold action on climate change. Please see here for more detailed information on the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. 

In the event that the pledge is broken, signers will be notified and given two weeks to come into compliance before their public recognition as a pledge signer is publicly terminated.