Green New Deal

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The Time Is Now.

It’s been five years since Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Ed Markey introduced the Green New Deal Resolution. Since then, our continued reliance on fossil fuels has accelerated us further into climate catastrophe, war, mass suffering, and economic instability. We will not accept this reality. Now more than ever, we need Green New Deal Champions to fight alongside us for a livable future.

The Green New Deal Champions project establishes a new bar of what it means to fight for climate justice. We are demanding that candidates, members of Congress, and elected officials at all levels of government commit to serving our communities by using the full extent of their power to advance a Green New Deal, including by supporting some of the strongest pieces of climate and environmental justice legislation available to date and rejecting fossil fuel contributions. Anything less is a compromise on our futures.

Our movement is growing, and our leaders must catch up.

Get Involved and Take Action –

Not a candidate? Join us in the fight for the Green New Deal by pushing candidates to take the Green New Deal Pledge ledge, calling on your representative to be a Green New Deal Champion, pledging to vote for Green New Deal Champions, or becoming a partner organization on the Green New Deal Pledge.

Candidate recognition for signing the Green New Deal Pledge does not connote an official endorsement by any organization listed on the site.